2014 August

    Brunch: San Francisco’s Favorite Pastime Brunch: San Francisco’s Favorite Pastime Brunch: San Francisco’s Favorite Pastime Brunch: San Francisco’s Favorite Pastime Brunch: San Francisco’s Favorite Pastime

Before I moved to San Francisco brunch was for Sunday only, usually included some of my ancestors and was an occasion where you wore your easter best. When brunch met San Francisco it took on a whole new life and has become one of the most talked about activities around town.

Brunch (noun) A meal around 11:00 am where large parties gather and many drinks are had, typically includes bottomless mimosas until 3 pm, bloody mary’s that lead you to the bars and Eggs Benedict galore.

Because brunch is the city’s favorite hobby, the best place to brunch (verb) is somewhat of a game. This is what lead me and a group of friends to venture into Pacific Heights and find  The Grove. Not only did I find one of the best bloody mary’s in a big girl size, but I found a funky little brunch spot with a ton of personality. Because it was a little cold on the day we went, we opted not to sit outside in the cute street side seating under flowers, but instead found some leather couches in front of a fireplace. I know what you’re thinking….. what a cozy place to curl up with a bloody mary and some delicious food right? It sounds too good to be true. But no, this is not a fake out, we really did sit on leather couches and used logs cut from trees as tables. Check out what we ordered off their menu.

What we ate:

Eggs Florentine poached eggs served over Wolferma’s english muffins, with arugula, roma tomatoes and sauce with 18-month Grana Padano. Served with rosemary hash browns.

Huevos Rancheros grilled corn tortillas simmered in housemade roasted dried red chili sauce, topped with two poached eggs, avocado, refried beans.

Ranchero Steak and Eggs our amazing skirt steak seared golden and placed on a bed of enchilada sauce along with two poached eggs and a garnish of cilantro and tortilla chips

What we drank: 

The Grove Signature Bloody Soju Mary

What we liked:

The Atmosphere! This place was fun, hip with a little funk, and wasn’t a complete drinking fest! I loved all the quirky decorations and can’t imagine a better way to eat breakfast than on a leather couch in front of a fireplace with my friends. There was also plentiful outside seating with flowers all around. Overall just a great happy vibe in this place.

The Bloodys! It’s not just the size of this bloody that I loved but it was the perfect spicy versus tomato combination. There is definitely a reason why they are known for their bloody’s, someone knows what they are doing.

The Food! Once the food was delivered there was barely a peep from anyone, and if that’s not the tell tale sign of  good food then I don’t know what is. They make their own sauces which really adds a special twist to all the food because it’s definitely something you have never had before. I would recommend all three dishes, because you better believe I asked for a bite from everyone’s plate of food. I’m a foodie, I can’t help it!

Go to The Grove you will love it, and after a little research I realized they actually have a few locations in the city which makes it easier for you! The have spots in Fillmore (Pac Heights), Yerba Buena, and Hayes.

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