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Bubbles + Bay is first and foremost a creative outlet. For me, writing is a passion. This blog is also a motivator to seek out interesting places in the most beautiful city on earth, which I call home. And lastly, a way to make sure that I’m taking advantage of the opportunities I am presented with each day; whether it’s just beyond my doorstep or in my own kitchen. I grew up in the East Bay in a winemaking family with a mom who taught me everything I know when it comes to cooking. This blog is a way for me to share the fun places I find in San Francisco and delicious recipes that I test out in my little Marina flat. But most of all, this blog is for fun! I hope you enjoy.

I believe all food is best enjoyed with great company and wine and that all good days end with champagne


Aly xx

A special thank you to the people who have helped me so much!!
>> Nathan O’Neal, Katie Hume, Ari Parikh, Bri Zanrosso, Julie Wente, Brenda Clark<<

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