Hit of the Holidays: Mulled Wine

    Hit of the Holidays: Mulled Wine Hit of the Holidays: Mulled Wine Hit of the Holidays: Mulled Wine Hit of the Holidays: Mulled Wine Hit of the Holidays: Mulled Wine

Hit of the Holidays: Mulled Wine

Nearly two years ago I was roaming the beautiful streets of Florence Italy. Florence was a picturesque Christmas scene. The streets were lit up with cheerful lights, every window decorated for the holiday and Christmas markets were plentiful. It is the fond memory of my time spent in these markets drinking Italian mulled wine that inspired me to try and recreate the delicious holiday beverage. I brought all the ingredients over to a friends Christmas party a few days ago and couldn’t stop talking their ears off about how one sip of mulled wine would change their lives. You can probably imagine, that while I was brewing the wine I began to feel pretty nervous about the outcome now that I had raised everyone’s expectations to the fullest. Thankfully with a little bit of help and good amount of faith, I made what I would like to consider an awesome imitation of my Florence memory. It soon became the favorite drink at the party, surpassing the eggnog and brandy combinations and even the great bottles of wine. The best part of the night is my friends were under the impression I had been whipping up batches of mulled wine for years and they were shocked to learn I had been nervously making my first batch in their kitchen! Moral of the story, it’s clearly simple and can be done by anyone! No need to be a mulled wine pro, though after making this you sure might feel like one.

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How to make Mulled Wine for a group of 10 people in a little over 10 minutes:

2 Bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon– I used Entwine and it was perfect!
8 Cups Apple Cider- mine was not carbonated
1 Orange zested
1 Orange sliced and put into boiling wine — you can buy more oranges to peel and use as garnish
1/2 Cup honey
8 Whole cloves
6 Star anise
4 Cinnamon sticks– you can also use more to put cinnamon in individual glasses
2 Shakes of nutmeg

Cooking: Just a few easy steps! 
Combine wine, cider, orange slices, honey, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, and zested orange in a large pot on the stove.
Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
Pour in mugs and serve! Add any garnish you would like!


It’s simple, it’s fun and most importantly… delicious! Make sure to check out the Gift Share Love site and use it for any last minute holiday shopping.

Cheers and Happy Holidays, 


Written by Aly

Website: http://www.bubblesandbay.com

  • Marilee Hearn says:

    Great suggestions, Aly, and just in

  • Jules says:

    Love the recipe! Can you make some for ME???

    What a great ide to share the Gift Share Love website with all. I can really help everyone share good ideas and gifts to share.
    Thanks for another fun update!

  • Arel says:

    I love the way that you live life to the fullest. The drink sounds comforting and delicious. Can you save me a little? Would you consider making some for Christmas Day? Good for those over 60 and 88! Of which we have a few. I have some nice Christmas mugs that my Mother gave me about 25 years ago that would make it pretty. Ah, Florence. You are a lucky lady to have seen so much of Europe. Inspiring on the eating and drinking fronts.

  • Aunty B says:

    I love the recipe and how beautifully you write!

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